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So, what can we offer you?

Free 20-minute consultation: Perhaps you are the person who has tried therapy many times before but have never found it helpful. Maybe you have wanted to try therapy but are nervous and do not know what to expect. Possibly you are skeptical of what I have to offer you that other therapists or your friends don’t. I have an option to ease your mind. I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation for anyone who may be interested in seeking therapy but has a few questions or reservations first. This will give you a no obligation way to get to know me and see if I am a good fit for you. Afterall, therapy is for YOU, not for me, so you need to make sure I will best serve you and your needs. Let’s set up that free chat!
Preschoolers (Ages 3-6) (30 min): For our tiniest clients (ages 3-6), we offer a shorter session to accommodate their differing developmental needs. People of all ages, including little kiddos, need mental health support. We are here to offer that support to children through play and interaction, while honoring that a full 50 minute session will likely not be as beneficial for most little kiddos. Let Tracy Main know if your little kiddo could use support!
Individual therapy (Ages 6+) (50 min): Inside, you feel alone, nervous, and insecure. It feels like you are carrying a ton of bricks on your shoulders, making it difficult to breathe and relax your tired muscles. On the outside, you appear to have it all together, but on the inside, you are terrified that others may see just how flawed and imperfect you really are. You are desperate for help but have lost hope that things will ever change.  Depression, anxiety, pregnancy and postpartum challenges, and stress are rampant in our culture. Many people suffer in silence but it absolutely does not have to be that way. There is hope, and there is relief. Let’s find yours together. I offer a compassionate and safe space to dig deep and express all that you have kept tucked away due to fear of judgement, loss of hope, or shame. I utilize many tools to help you understand your experiences, reconnect with who you truly are, and recapture all of the joy and peace that life has to offer. You deserve it!
Couple Therapy (50 min): I feel so alone, even though my partner is sitting right next to me. My partner does not respect me or value all that I do for them and our home. My partner is not the teammate or parent I had hoped they would be. I am sick of fighting! Why won’t my partner just listen? I miss who my partner used to be. I don’t even know who my partner is anymore or how our relationship got this way. Have you ever said these things to yourself before? Me too. Challenges in romantic relationships can be very common, but can also be quite debilitating. Maybe you notice that you are fighting all of the time, do not feel heard or loved by your partner, or have simply lost that spark between the two of you. I am here to help. I guide couples to heal past wounds, navigate pregnancy and postpartum challenges, strengthen your intimate and sexual connection, learn to work as a team, and help you both feel as you once did about one another.
Couple Therapy (90 min): Couple's concerns can often be complex. Sometimes, especially in the beginning when we are just getting to know each other, extra time together can be quite beneficial. It gives me time to get to know each of you individually, as well as tackle your concerns as a couple, all in one session!
Family Therapy (50 min): You feel at a loss of how to gain control of your household and have your voice heard. Parenting is not what you expected, even leading to regret for entering this journey. All you want is for a little support from your partner and your kids to do as they are asked… the first time. You feel depleted, exhausted, depressed, unappreciated, and at your wits’ end. Perhaps, all anyone does is fight or live in their own separate corners of the house. You long for quality family time together that doesn’t always end in disaster. You deeply desire to enjoy your new baby, just as you had always imagined. This is not what you envisioned when you embarked on the journey of parenthood yesterday or years ago. How did it get to be like this? Family can be one our greatest sources of support but they can also be one of our greatest stressors. Families tend to be an especially complex web of relationships, expectations, conflict, and patterns of interaction. I can help detangle all of this, allowing each person to feel heard, honored, and respected. I assist families to become a safe landing for one another and to create a new normal that works for everyone. Each one of you deserves peace, relaxation, and joy when you enter your home. Let me help you to relieve this burden and get back to loving your family.
Family Therapy (90 min): Due to the complexity of family dynamics and relationships, 50 minutes is often not enough for one session as a whole. In the case that a family desires more time to focus on improving their relationships, I offer a 90-minute family session. This can be especially helpful in the first few sessions, as I get to know each member of your family and the family as a whole, providing quicker change and more lasting results.
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