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S.K., 2022, Casper, WY

Truly life-giving and life-changing. Thank you, Dr. Kim. You're an excellent therapist and God blessed me when He brought me to you. I'm so appreciative of all your wisdom, advice, and encouragement.

M.B., 2022, Windsor, CO

Kim is so great. I truly felt like she was brought into my life for a reason. I absolutely loved therapy. It was exactly what I needed. I’m much more cognizant of what I’m feeling when anxiety is overcoming and I have more tools to help me cope.

M.G., 2021, Denver, CO

Dr. Kim is the very best and most experienced I know for therapy. It’s hard for me to open up and trust people but she is very patient and kind. She helps people make the most progress by far!

L.F., 2020, Fort Collins, CO

Kim is one of the most compassionate and caring people I know. She truly is gifted in her area of practice and well equipped to help you bridge the gap between your expectations and reality. Her unique delivery system brings good mental health care into the 21st century in the convenience of your own home. You will not regret the decision to work with her to make positive changes in your life.

J.C., 2020, Fort Collins, CO

Dr. Murray is compassionate therapist with the most empathetic heart. She’s a support anyone would be lucky to have in their corner. She’s a great listener and sure to make you laugh. I would highly recommend Kim!

L.S., 2020, Fort Collins, CO

I highly recommend Dr. Kim Murray! Kim is an intuitive, compassionate, and hugely knowledgeable therapist. She constantly leads with deep-rooted empathy, which makes me feel validated and safe to be completely vulnerable. Kim offers a convenient, accessible form of therapy that is perfect for parents or professionals. I would definitely recommend Kim to a friend or family member looking for qualified, comforting support!

S.J., 2019, Fort Collins, CO

Where to even begin, Kim has impacted me and my life in such a positive way over the last year. She has helped me and her clients overcome challenges, teaching coping skills to use in challenging situations. She is a kind, listening ear when things are hard, and she has a FULL toolbox to help work though whatever you bring to her. She accomplishes all of this with kindness and respect. She helps her clients work towards their goals and create the life they dream about. I cannot begin to thank Kim for all she has helped me through personally. I hope that everyone could find someone like Kim to work alongside!

W.H., 2019, Fort Collins, CO

Kim is such an awesome therapist. She helps her clients open up like they are talking to their closest friend. She helps you feel safe and comfortable sharing things you may not otherwise share. She will push you outside of your comfort zone in ways to help improve your life. She helps you set goals and will hold you accountable. I would definitely recommend Kim!!

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