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Here are some of my clients most frequent questions. If you still have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

  • How does online therapy work?
    Safe Haven Family Therapy provides online mental health therapy, serving the states of Colorado, Wyoming (Kim only), and Texas (Tracy only). Online therapy works much the same as in-person therapy, except that we meet over a computer screen rather than in an office. We will meet through a HIPAA compliant and confidential server called SimplePractice. The video appears much like Skype or Facetime but is conducted solely on SimplePratice in an effort to protect your privacy.
  • Can I meet with you in-person?
    For all providers, other than for Dr. Kim Murray, yes! Unfortunately with Dr. Murray, she is only virtual at this time. In the case you begin therapy with Safe Haven Family Therapy virtually and find that online therapy is not the best fit for you, your therapist will happily provide Safe Haven or other local, in-person referrals to you.
  • Why should I choose online therapy?
    Online therapy is a convenient way for busy individuals, couples, and families to seek the support they need without the hassle of commuting to and from appointments, hiring a babysitter, and battling restrictive scheduling. You are able to do therapy from your home, work office, while traveling, or really anywhere you can think of with a secure internet connection!
  • Do you take insurance?
    *Kim does not accept any insurance at this time, including Medicaid and Medicare (including Health First Colorado). Tracy and Angie accept Aetna, Optum/United Healthcare, and Cigna. Although we may not take your insurance, we can provide you with the necessary documentation to submit to your insurance company for out of network reimbursement (excluding Medicaid and Medicare). Seeking reimbursement is solely the responsibility of the client, and we cannot guarantee partial or full reimbursement from your insurance company. For hopeful clients who are currently insured by or received benefits from Medicaid (including Health First Colorado) or Medicare, you must seek a provider who accepts those insurance plans. Per Medicaid and Medicare benefit rules and regulations, persons insured by and accessing Medicaid or Medicare benefits must use a Medicaid or Medicare approved provider for services covered by Medicaid or Medicare, including mental health therapy. Due to this, we are unable to work with any person/people currently insured by and/or receiving any benefits from Medicaid or Medicare. If you have questions about these policies, please consult the Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing at (800) 221-3943.
  • How long does therapy last?
    As short or as long as the client needs. I believe that clients get what they give in therapy, allowing the client some autonomy in the length of therapy. I aim to help you meet your goals in a timely fashion, saving you both time and money.
  • Do you work with couples and families?
    Absolutely! We firmly believe that we are never born hurt or in conflict. We commonly experience these things because of the systems and relationships around us. It is often beneficial to have more than just one person in the room to resolve conflict, reduce stress, set boundaries, and heal past wounds. With this said, individual therapy can be just as effective. We offer family therapy to children and their caregivers as young as 3 years old, as well as with adult family relationships.
  • Are you a Christian therapist?
    Kim only: While I do not have specific training in Christian-based therapy, I often help clients incorporate their faith into their treatment, if it seems like an authentic choice to the client. I identify as Christian and am more than happy to guide a client(s) in therapy using Christian principles and scripture. The use of a client’s faith to support their therapy can be an excellent tool in effectively achieving goals and fostering healing.
  • What forms of payment do we accept?
    We accept all major debit or credit cards through SimplePractice for virtual and in-person therapy, as well as cash or check for in-person therapy.
  • Can I use my HSA, FSA or HRA dollars for therapy with Safe Haven?
    Yes! Therapy with any therapist at Safe Haven Family Therapy is a qualified medical expense that can be paid with HSA, FSA or HRA money.
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