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Hope and healing for the whole family! Our team of dedicated and highly skilled therapists are here to support and guide your family's mental health journey through every stage of life.

A Bit About Our Specialties:

Depression, Stress, Anxiety, and Trauma









Loneliness, sadness, emotional pain, worry, regret, fear, and exhaustion have taken over who you are. Anxiety and stress have taken over most parts of your life, holding you back from your dreams, meaningful connection, enjoying parenthood, and taking a deep breath without choking or feeling tight in your chest. Life's constant challenges, past trauma, and even the birth of your new baby have diminished your joy and peace. Therapy cannot only help you lift these heavy sensations, but guide you to thrive once again. Therapy will give you new tools for reducing and coping with depression, stress, anxiety, and trauma, taking the weight of what feels like a boulder on your back to making it lighter than a pebble. Imagine the relief that will come with your therapeutic transformation. You are deserving of love, joy, and peace. Let’s get you back there!

Woman on Window Sill
Relationship Issues







Conflict, hurt, emotional distance, and lack of intimacy have seeped into your relationship, perhaps from day to day stressors or even the birth of a new little one. Joy and laughter seem to be less and less, replaced with resentment, arguing, disconnection, and loneliness. You probably ask yourself: how did it get this far? How do we get back to where we were years ago? Therapy will help both of you in your partnership to feel heard and heal the perpetually open wounds of your relationship. Therapy will also assist families in functioning again as one unit, creating a new and even stronger normal. You will reconnect, adjust to the changes happening around you, live in joy with your partner and family, and feel that deeply desired spark with your partner once again.

Holding Hands
Parenting and Family Challenges



Parenting is hard! Whether it constantly chasing a 3 year old who seems to have permanently lost their listening ears or a teenager who has shut you out, parenting can feel lonely, frustrating, confusing, overwhelming, and like a constant losing battle. This stress then bleeds into other relationships, work, self-worth, and so much more. We are here to tell you that you are not alone! As parents ourselves, we understand the incredible challenges that come with parenting, taking us all to our knees at different points in time. Through play therapy and traditional talk therapy techniques, we provide countless tools to help you feel confident and calm while parenting your children, as well as equip your kiddos with the tools to self-soothe, behave appropriately, and interact through kindness. We will help you improve not only your relationships with your children, but also with your partner and other loved ones!


Voices of Those Whom We have Helped:

M.G., Denver, CO: Dr. Kim is the very best and most experienced I know for therapy. It’s hard for me to open up and trust people but she is very patient and kind. She helps people make the most progress by far!

W.H., Fort Collins, CO: "Kim is such an awesome therapist. She helps her clients open up like they are talking to their closest friend. She helps you feel safe and comfortable sharing things you may not otherwise share. She will push you outside of your comfort zone in ways to help improve your life. She helps you set goals and will hold you accountable. I would definitely recommend Kim!!"

M.B., Windsor, CO: "Kim is so great. I truly felt like she was brought into my life for a reason. I absolutely loved therapy. It was exactly what I needed. I’m much more cognizant of what I’m feeling when anxiety is overcoming and I have more tools to help me cope."

J.C., Fort Collins, CO: "Dr. Murray is compassionate therapist with the most empathetic heart. She’s a support anyone would be lucky to have in their corner. She’s a great listener and sure to make you laugh. I would highly recommend Kim!"

We See You.

To an onlooker, you and your family have it all together: a blissful marriage, successful careers, happy children, and a joyful home life. You are the one your partner, friends, children, and family depend on, an unbreakable rock.


But on the inside, you know the truth, leading to you feeling alone, overwhelmed, under-supported, and as though you are a failure. You worry that things will never get better after years of trying and many failed attempts. You feel exhausted, stress, maxed out, and lost at what to do. You are often paralyzed with anxiety, depression, fear, and perfectionism, unable to make a move in a positive direction.


You are desperately ready for a change, for both you and your loved ones, sending you here for one last try to soothe your worries and recapture your joy.

We are Here to Help!

Do not worry. We have got your back! Book your free consultation now to see how we can bring you relief from the very first session! 

Click play to hear more about our mission, values, and our unique approach to therapy.

Insurance Coverage

Kim does not accept any insurance at this time, including Medicaid and Medicare (including Health First Colorado).


If you would like to use your insurance, Tracy and Angie accept Aetna, Optum/United Healthcare, and Cigna. They do not accept Medicaid and Medicare (including Health First Colorado).


*Per Medicaid and Medicare rules and regulations, you must seek support from a Medicaid or Medicare accepting clinician, so none of our therapists are able to provide services to any person/people qualifying for these services. Please note that this is only for people with Medicaid or Medicare, NOT any other insurance plans. Please review the FAQ section for greater explanation on insurance and how it can impact you as a client.

We offer in-person and virtual mental health therapy across the state of Colorado (all therapists) and Wyoming (Kim only). Virtual sessions are conducted through a secure portal, so you can conveniently and privately access support from your home, work, or even while on the go. If virtual is not the right option for you, or you have young children, we also offer in-person services in our safe, comfortable, and convenient Loveland office. We are here to support you and your family in whichever way you desire!

With 24/7 scheduling and flexible therapy hours, we accommodate your busy life, as well as the busy lives of your loved ones. Imagine finally finding the relief you and/or your loved ones deserve from overwhelming stress, postpartum depression, child behavioral struggles, anxiety, school challenges, family discord, and relationship issues.

Meet Our Clinicians

We are straightforward therapists, leading you to the results you desire starting in the very first session. We support you and your loved ones across the lifespan, supporting clients as young as 3 years old! Let’s schedule a FREE, no obligation 20-minute phone consultation to get to know each other and see if which of our highly skilled therapists is the best fit for you or your loved one.


Founder & Therapist: Dr. Kimberly Murray, LMFT, PMH-C


Kim has her Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as a  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Kim is especially skilled at working with adults and couples with perinatal mental health concerns (pregnancy/postpartum support), HSPs, marital and premarital concerns, anxiety, stress management, depression, grief and loss, self-esteem, coping skills, life transitions, parenting, sex/sexuality, and spirituality/Christian-based therapy. Kim is also the co-founder of the podcast Relationship Inside Out.


Child & Teen Therapist: Tracy Main, LPC, RPT


Tracy is highly skilled in meeting the needs of our younger population, supporting children as young as 3 years old up to our 18 year old's, as well as their families. Tracy is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist. Tracy offers support for many areas of concern, including behavioral challenges, academic struggles, trauma, grief and loss, parenting struggles, anxiety, autonomy, and much more using a vast range of child-centered and play therapy techniques! *Immediate afterschool availability!


Teen, Adult, & Couples Therapist: Angie Bartleson, LMFT, LAC


Angie is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Angie is highly trained in working with teens, adults, and couples using mind and body techniques, supporting not only the mind but also the brain and nervous system to provide deep and lasting healing. Angie works with clients who may be struggling with in issues related to depression and mood challenges, anxiety, trauma in many forms, life transitions and stressors, women’s issues, and relationship difficulties, whether that is family, parent-child, or personal relationships.

What Makes Us Different?

In 2023, we were voted one of the best therapy practices in Northern Colorado, providing quality, effective, and loving support to our community members and their families. As highly skilled therapists, we have received intense, specialized training in helping people reconnect with themselves, their loved ones, and their community. We are skilled in helping others identify the lives they most deeply desire, set a plan to overcome barriers, and achieve their goals.

We have been on both sides of this table, both in the therapy room as well as being wives, friends, and parents ourselves. We understand and can relate with many of the challenges you are facing, but also know the unmeasurable relief that comes with therapeutic support. 

Every one is different with varying needs. We take an integrative approach to therapy, tailoring each step just to you. We offer both in-person and virtual therapy, allowing you to choose where you are most comfortable to receive support. Remember, therapy is for YOU, not for us.

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