A Little Bit About Cheryl


I’m so glad you’re here!

Parenting, relationships, loving ourselves, and leading the life we desire and deserve can be incredibly difficult. The road can be fraught with conflict, exhaustion, sadness, anxiety, stress, and futility. You don’t have to be alone in facing these challenges! I am here to help!
I personally know how complicated it can be to find the right support, including interviewing countless therapists just to find that one perfect match. To see if I am potentially a good fit for you, let me share a bit about myself and who I am as a therapist.


I am an authentic, equally flawed human, eager to help others recapture their joy. My clients often share that they appreciate my personable style with my deep intention to understand each one of my clients deeply and uniquely. This allows me to truly understand your concerns and provided personalized approaches to therapy, not a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. My clients also state that they are grateful for my dedication in providing practical and impactful tools to see change almost immediately on our journey together. I use creativity, knowledge, and compassion to provide feedback and teach skills that will give you the relief you are seeking and deserve. Let’s work together to achieve the life you want and need!


Who am I as a therapist?


I’m Cheryl, a multi-faceted person just like you! I am a wife, mother, and eternal optimist. I aim to live authentically and fully, leaning on my own support with life’s many ups and downs. I love my family deeply and am passionate about my work as a therapist. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate, which is akin to a medical resident: I have completed my degree and am simply in the process of completing my full-licensure hours. I will be supervised under Dr. Kimberly Murray, a fully licensed clinician with over a decade’s worth of experience. She will be providing her expertise alongside my work with you, essentially giving you access to double the tools and double the support. Together, we will identify the best ways to support you while keeping your confidentiality. 


I will be there to cheer you on, hold difficult emotions with you, challenge you, and support you. I am a real person who has challenges and flaws. I may share aspects of my own struggles to remind you that you aren’t alone and encourage resilience. I enjoy using creative means to support client work including play, art, sandtray, and movement. I understand how busy life is and how challenging it can be to dedicate time to therapy. Therefore, I tailor each therapy session for your unique life, needs, and experiences and thoughtfully match interventions to support you meeting your goals.


I know that starting therapy can be intimidating, but there is hope! Therapy can be like exercising: you will be uncomfortable in the start but find that you will quickly gain strength and tools you never knew you had access to. I work with clients both virtually and in-person based on what each person is needing. I will be there to guide you every step of the way, so that you don’t have to go through the challenges alone. I work from the perspective that you are the expert in your own life, offering an unbiased, outside perspective that we all need to make things clear. 


So how did I get here?


I have been passionate about helping people my whole life. I have always enjoyed working with kids from being a babysitter, working in after-school care, teaching elementary school, and as a therapist. I have obtained advanced training in play therapy and child development. Along this journey, I have earned two collegiate degrees:


  • Masters of Art in Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy from University of Northern Colorado

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Dickinson State University


I find tremendous joy in serving my community! I have spent hundreds of hours providing play therapy for elementary aged children, witnessing the long lasting, positive impacts therapy can have starting in childhood. I am privileged to have served in community mental health, where I focused on therapy with youth and families. I am skilled in working with a variety of client concerns, including: childhood behavioral issues, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, depression, relationship issues, and family dysfunction.


The therapeutic approaches I draw from are:

·     Play Therapy 

·     Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

·     Family Systems

·     Mindfulness-Based Practices

·     Attachment Theory

·     Emotionally Focused Therapy

·     Person-Centered Approaches

·     Trauma-Informed Care

·     Christian-based Therapy


This is only a small window into the support I

can provide. Schedule your FREE, 20 minute

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and explore if I am the best fit for you and your

loved ones!


I am wishing you the best of luck on your search for the right therapist and creating the life full of joy, peace, and contentment that you are worthy of!